Sunday, November 1, 2009


Had nothing to do this Halloween and nothing to go to (not that I ever do). But I decided to invite the boyfriend over and dress up anyway. It was a total losers Halloween for the both of us with Pepsi and homemade hummus. So Colin dressed up as Dr. House... Dr. House Cat (Hahaha... Yeah I know I'll shut up now but I do think it is funny). I was a flapper. I found the fringe dress on clearance for $10 at a store called H&M there was a lot of them so I guess I was the only person in the world who would but a teal fringe flapper dress. And Bunny who is smack dab in the middle is a Chinese Lion. I found this lion dance tchotchke in Chinatown that had a solid roundish base and a spring up to the top of the inside of the head so it bobbled. Well I saw this thing and realized it was just right for Bunny's size and snatched it up for a couple of dollars. All I had to do was pull off the spring and base and pad it with paper towels. So to help combat the boredom Colin, Bunny and I made a special video. It's your treat for Halloween. It can also be found on YouTube which will give you a bigger better picture.


  1. Too funny! Bunny's best Halloween costume yet! And what a performance! I wss transported to Chinese New Year. I laughed until I was sick. Paging Dr. House Cat.

  2. Pretty cool ..... and funny! You should have had more items for Bunny to dance on!

  3. That was are such a goober! Love you (and Bunny) AJ

  4. ahahaha oh bunny. so adorable, and dr. house cat, ahah! best thing i've heard in a long time. also, totally loving the flapper dress, totally thea! :D
    i'll be seeing you tomorrow! xx
    - becky.