Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crochet Weekend

It was a crochet filled weekend. That is pretty much all I have done in the last 48 hours. Can't say what I was working on but I did a lot of it. I think my brain has been replaced by yarn. Even when I took my ritual weekly grocery store visit I had yarn and hook in hand while on the bus. I didn't attempt to crochet while walking around the store though, too many people and I'd probably end up walking aimlessly instead of picking up the things I need. In the past few weeks I have found that the bus is a good place to crochet and it is a good use of otherwise wasted transit time. I have never stuck to a crafty activity as long as I have with crochet. That is a good thing because I always sort of felt bad when I wasn't interested in something anymore. So thats pretty much it.... I will probably go back to crocheting now.

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