Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nothing New... But Bunny Is Busy

Haven't done much that is interesting. Just going to classes, crocheting, finding patterns for the gifts I'm making, cooking for myself and sleeping. Bunny on the other hand is busy. He is currently borrowing my US cell phone (I have two a US one and a canadian one) so he can receive calls from agents, directors and other people who want him to act for them after his stunning debut film. Oh Bunny you are going to be famous... Hehehe. For a while I have had the idea of making a photo book like a story book about Bunny visiting different places. For example Bunny at the beach, Bunny in Philadelphia, ect... I got the idea from thinking about how Bunny used to go absolutely everywhere with me and now he lives mostly on my bed. I want to give Bunny more adventures like we used to have. I am going a make this book but it is going to take a while.

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