Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Crochet... What The #$%*!!!

These benches showed up a few weeks ago in the lounge area where I sit every Wednesday and wait for my 7 to 10pm class. I have been meaning to take a picture and post about them since I saw them but I kept forgetting my camera. I finally got over there with a camera today after reminding myself to bring it and to make a special trip to the lounge. I understand the concept is to say that this bench is nothing special and just a plain old bench but that there is supposed to be irony in it because the words be come the decoration that the bench claims it lacks.

But... no crochet, thats not cool. As a crocheter I take offence to this even though it says it is "just a bench". Well last night, which was  a Wednesday night, I stuck it to that bench and sat on it for a good hour or more crocheting. Take that, crochet hating bench, take that! And I stuck it to it again when I took a picture of the crochet hook I had with me on the bench. To be honest it is a pretty cool looking and modern bench and here is where you can find them. They are super expensive UBC must have gotten a huge discount to be able to buy 7 or 8 "Just a bench." benches and 6 to 8 of the side table size with the flower on the side.

I want to blog about my crochet too but haven't been able to because most of what I am working on are going to be gifts or are secret projects that have a specific time to be revealed. I will post more about my crochet adventures and my fiber addiction (addiction to yarn) later when I am not working on classified projects. I will say this though when you use the time you are on the bus to crochet your projects get finished really quick.

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