Sunday, November 1, 2009

For Further Reference.

In reference to Bunny's lion dance watch this, which is an example of the type of lion dance Bunny is imitating. In North America this form of lion dance is rare to see what we normally see is kids from a karate martial arts class (I have been corrected by and anonymous commenter although karate is still a martial art. Jeez I never claimed I was an expert on this stuff) in a lion costume. The kind of lion dance they do is more for parades and celebrations where as the style in the clip is able to stand on its own as an event. I had never seen this until I got Bunny's costume and decided I wanted to make a video of him lion dancing.

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  1. Karate has nothing to do with lion dancing. So kids from a karate class never do lion dancing. a more correct term would be " Kung fu Class" or " Martial Arts". please ammend.