Thursday, November 5, 2009

What My Parents Went Through To Find Bunny

When I was between the ages of 3 and 5 I lost Bunny. We couldn't find him anywhere and my parents ripped apart the whole house. They even called my grandmother ti see if he was there even though we hadn't been to her house in months. That was how desperate they were to find him because I had become extremely depressed. Now everyone who reads this blog already knows the story has a happy ending because Bunny wouldn't have been doing his lion dance if it hadn't. The ending is after he had been missing for almost 2 weeks I was sitting on the floor in out family room and Dad sat down in his big reclining chair and put the foot rest up and there was Bunny hanging upside down wedged in the mechanisms of the chair. I was so excited that I started shouting incoherently and honestly my parents though that because of my depression over Bunny and the stress it was causing me that I had snapped and gone completely crazy. They finally calmed me down enough so they could understand that I was shouting "I see Bunny's face!". Still thinking I had snapped they skeptically looked and there he was. I had claimed at the beginning that i was sitting in Dad's reclining chair with Bunny before he had gone missing and the conclusion was that Bunny had gotten wedged down in the crack between the seat of the chair and the arm and was undetectable when the cracks in the chair had been checked multiple times. Once again I had Bunny and the horror was over. This was meant to be a short post because I found this short video. I am certain that if they had had to my parents would have gone to these length or much greater ones to get Bunny back for me. Only I wouldn't have reacted like that kid what a brat.

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