Friday, October 30, 2009

New Hard Drive Number 2

So for the second time since mid August (which happens to be when I came back to Vancouver for the current school year) my little white Apple Macbook has needed a new hard drive... The first time was traumatizing because I lost everything that was on  my computer. To top it of I was relying on my laptop to search craigslist for a basement suite while I stayed in a hotel. Although I have to say that that time was more sudden and definite and the signs were obvious like how it randomly stopped doing what it was doing and went blank and when I turned it back on it showed a screen with a sad broken file or something. This time wasn't so painful because I didn't have much on my computer. The signs were not so obvious it was being extremely slow for a couple of days. I have experienced this before but usually some update pops up and I install it and everything is fixed and back to normal. But when it took 3 hours for my laptop to turn on on Wednesday night I knew I had done the right thing by making an appointment at the Apple store "Genius Bar". So I had hoped this latest problem was going to be a simple fix for the Apple guys but it turned in to another new hard drive. I will tell you something... If it wasn't for the Apple Genius' I would have given up on Apple right about now. If I was dealing with any other computer company I would be tearing my hair out. Despite the problems that you can encounter (which is less often then with other computer brands) the Genius Bar people are what help keep "Mac People" loving Apple. The tech people currently ware blue shirts that say "Not all heros wear capes." and that is so true.

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  1. Glad you got your apple baby fixed.
    what's Bunny up to? And his minion?