Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Long Wednesday

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week. I get up at 9 or 10am and then have class. I have a break form 4 to 7pm then a class till 10pm but I usually don't get home till 11pm. In short Wednesdays suck. When I have that ridiculous break between 4 and 7pm I go and sit in the same place which is a lounge in the building where my night class is. and every week there is alway some couple that is making out on one of the couches being all lovie-dovie. Its a different couple every week... I guess there must be something about this lounge. I looking at the most recent couple right now. I find witnessing this both sickening and depressing. I wish they would stop but at they same time I wish I had that sort of relationship too. Sometimes life is just works hard to make you feel bad about yourself. What makes Wednesdays worse is that all I have to look forward to for dinner is instant noodles because who wants to cook at 11pm?

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