Saturday, October 17, 2009

UBC Apple Festival

So today I ventured to the UBC Apple Festival at the Botanical Gardens. I left the my basement suite at about 1:30PM and it was cold and raining and by the time I got off the bus 30 minutes later at UBC it was sunny and warm and sort of humid. Oh the randomness of Vancouver weather you have to both love and hate it. This is my third straight year of going. It is fun going and reminds me of how my parents and I would go to this one apple festival in  Pennsylvania almost annually when I was a kid. So for a toonie entrance fee I can in some way indulge in childhood memories.

So the first thing I did when I arrived was buy a caramel apple to take home and enjoy later this weekend. It cost $4 for one small-ish caramel apple... HIGHWAY ROBBERY! But I only have it once a year so I shelled out for it. I also purchased a small cup of hot apple cider for $1.50 which I think is a bit steep for the size but it was really good. I had a look around and the festival never gets any bigger its been that same size and same stalls every year. Its nice that there is no drastic change to the quality of the festival but when it doesn't grow you wonder whether the festival is truly successful. Over all it was a fun trip.

As per usual to the past two years all the apple tasting sessions for the day were full. Next year I will go super early and finally get to do the apple tasting I swear! On my way out of the festival I saw a sign hanging from a tree with the name of my favorite apple; Pink Lady! So Yummy and delicious!

By the time I got home at 4:30PM it was raining again...


  1. remember "The Stump of Freedom"? We visited it early this month and spent 20 minutes talking about the "breaking of the leash". Love ya!