Wednesday, June 16, 2010

17 Mile Bike Rides.... My New Favorite Thing!

Yeah I have taken to taking 17Mi. bike rides from my home to the sea wall and all around the sea wall. If you know me like Mom and Dad do you will know that back home I can't ride a bike for more the 15 minutes before feeling this horrible stabbing pain in my back and not being able to breathe. But here in Vancouver it is relatively flat and what hills there are tend to not be really steep. I could ride for hours and hours and still feel great, and I do just that. Here is a screen shot of a google map I made documenting one of my rides (click it to make the image bigger). Note that I traveled the distance between E and F twice and got on a bus to take me home at point F.
Bike wish list:
over rear wheel bike rack and basket- For picnics. Can't forget about the noms.
bike light

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