Thursday, January 14, 2010

Korean Food

I was on YouTube today and found this video. I think This makes Korean food look boring and is the most boring food video ever. Although I do think there are a lot of good food porn shots. I really love the look on the white guys face near the end. I don't like the whole Kisang (Korean version of geisha) aspect to the video. And I wonder what the guy got at the end? Good job Korean Tourism. If you keep making videos like these no one will ever come to Korea.
For Dad- Yum... yum... dobbie pads...

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! I know it isn't 8:08pm est yet. But it is 2:27am on the 30th and that is close enough. Awake and thinking of you and how much fun you've been. Happy 21st! Love you!